Our organisation

An innovative, structural and sustainable cooperation

To turn our mission of anticipating the future into reality, our academic and operational approaches must be transformed. To make this transition happen, an innovative operational structure consisting of a think-tank, AcrossEU Lighthouse, and four do-tanks will be established. A number of Lighthouse Themes, or focus areas, together with four Core Priorities will guide our actions in the navigation of the complexities of our time. Working in synergy, they form a dual approach shining light on the challenges of any nature to anticipate the future.
This framework empowers us to tackle issues from broad, thematic perspectives while also focusing on specific, actionable objectives. This combination of a broad focus and targeted actions ensures we remain adaptable and responsive to the evolving landscape of education and societal needs. As we progress, this structure and approach will continually keep us informed and direct our efforts, embodying our commitment to creating a resilient, adaptable, and forward-thinking educational landscape.