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AcrossEU Student Forum

  • Post last modified:25 May 2023
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Student representatives from Caen, Fribourg, Valladolid, Pardubice, Umea and Rovaniemi, with different profiles like representatives from students associations or local unions and volunteers, met early in May at the University of Lapland during the fisrt Student Forum of the Alliance.

The Finnish hosts made the AcrossEU students work following the “design sprint” method, which is a solution making course that helped us define what solutions we wanted for the Alliance.
Four discussion topics were covered during that intensive week:

  • Student involvement in AcrossEU, goals and means
  • Promotion of internationalization and mobility
  • Peer to peer communication
  • Sustainable internationalization.

A variety of activities and workshops helped structure the reflexion, develop ideas and find solution for concrete issues.
Solutions were eventualy shared and 3 main guidelines emerged:

  • a governance more representative for students,
  • a global communication around the Alliance missions and opportunities,
  • sustainability goals regarding ecology issues students can face when moving across Europe.

The Student Forum was also the occasion to mix students from across Europe, to share their cultural differences and to discover the beautiful region of Lapland.

Photos: @Maxime Staedler – UNIFRIBOURG student