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Artificial Intelligence and its applications

  • Post last modified:13 February 2024
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The AcrossEU Scientific Meeting on Artificial Intelligence and its applications was held in Valladolid from 7th to 9th June, 2023. The event brought together researchers and experts from AcrossEU partner universities to share their knowledge and insights in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

The event is an opportunity for participants to identify future lines of joint collaboration, start creating a network of AcrossEU scientists and to identify future joint projects and decide at a later stage to apply together to Horizon Europe call for proposals.

The Rector of the University of Valladolid welcomed the participants at the Rectorate, Palace of Santa Cruz, highlighting the importance of international cooperation in our increasingly interconnected world, since scientific developments often require the pooling of resources, knowledge, and expertise from diverse perspectives. It is by collaborating across borders when institutions and individuals can tackle global challenges more effectively, accelerate the pace of discovery, and foster a greater understanding among us. Twenty-two researchers from AcrossEU members participated in the event together with more than 30 researchers from a variety of research groups interested on Artificial Intelligence from the University of Valladolid. The event was a success with 6 keynote speakers and slots for AcrossEU representatives presented the research on AI at their own university. For those who were not able to attend on person the meeting, they were given the opportunity to present their research by a three-minutes video. Nine videos were presented followed by a roundtable discussion with the participants. During the event, the Scientific Park of the University of Valladolid was introduced with a visit to the Living Labs and structures.

The participants also had the opportunity to discuss local issues related to AI with City Council representatives in a meeting organised at the City Council of Valladolid.