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Submitting the AcrossEU Alliance project

  • Post last modified:13 February 2023
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After several partners meetings dedicated to the preparation of our future collaboration project, the 2023 proposal has been officialy submitted to the EU on January 31, 2023, on the Europa Funding and Tenders Portal.

Pending selection results expected mi-June, the participating institutions will be pro-active and have already scheduled a series of meetings and events throughout 2023, thanks to the first funding from the Normandy Regional Council.

The first one will be a Rectors’ meeting scheduled on March 9th, 2023 and hosted at the Normandy Region office in Brussels. Rectors will exchange on strenghtening their institutional links to better benefit the AcrossEU Alliance.

Other meetings will be planned later this year especially dedicated to our students.

Signature of the AcrossEU Mission Statement by participating Rectors
Left to right: 1. Antti SYVÄJÄRVI – University of Lapland (FI) | 2. Riitta RISSANEN – Lapland University of Applied Sciences (FI) | 3. Libor CAPEK – University of Pardubice (CZ) | 4. Astrid EPINAY – University of Fribourg (CH) | 5. Antonio LARGO – University of Valladolid (ES) | 6. Roberto DI PIETRA-Rector- University of Siena (IT)